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About 20 years ago I took up Woodturning on a Teknatool 1500 and was captivated... such a relaxing pastime. I was lucky enough to be inspired and mentored by Peter Heyes, a drummer friend who is a brilliant artist and woodturner. I never reached his standard but slowly progressed to producing saleable items and ventured to the local Moruya Markets and began making some decent sales. In those days the markets were on a rough, potholed bit of asphalt behind the Adelaide Hotel... Hot in summer, wet and cold in winter.

One highlight of these times was connecting with a gallery in Garland Texas who commissioned me to supply some BIG, (that's how they like it in Texas), natural edged  bowls. Luckily I had found a source of beautiful salvaged Coolabah, River Red Gum and Mallee burl and actually survived turning some pieces up to 3 foot in diameter...


As life would have it disaster struck in the form of a massive tailgate from a Council truck that swiped me as I stood on the footpath....luckily I got my hands in front of my face so my good looks were saved but after being discharched from hospital it was evident that my hands were unable to cope with the vibration of the woodturning. It was time for a vocation change so it was back to playing music....the lathe tucked away and in 2017 moved over to the 1870s home we have on the river bank while I played wandering minstrel up and down the coast to festivals, clubs, pubs and various toilets.....but always in the back of my mind was the thought of getting the lathe set up again.

Fast forward to 2020 and the dreaded Covid 19 pandemic.....gigs closed, we were trapped at home and I needed some kind of relaxation. The Lathe!!!! A new shed built, burl supply contacts revived and a store of 15 year old burls from before rescued and away we go again!

It was the perfect antidote for lockdown and after turning the ripe old age of 70 I was away...

I have small batches of work around the Shire @Tilba Valley Winery, The Tree house at Tilba and The Wild Rose Florist in Moruya and am also planning a return to the Moruya Country Markets on the first weekend in December (now held in the beautiful Riverside Park) at the same time I'm trying to overcome my technophobia by estabishing an online presence via Facebook @Church St Studio.


I specialise in bowls and plate/platters using featured Burl Timbers. All timbers are ethically sourced, salvaged or purchased from like minded suppliers and I strongly believe it's the beauty of the woods that make these items saleable. All products are finished in a food safe organic oil or plain bees wax. Maintenance is easy with a cold water wash and a re-oil using your pantry oils... Timber loves to be handled and caressed, it enhances the patina. I do this as my retirement hobby so any sales are just recouping my costs... I offer my time gratis so pricing is very reasonable in comparison to some galleries.

From a small paperweight to a large fruit bowl, hand made and direct from the maker, you have the perfect solution for that special gift for special occasions...

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